Spring Cleaning

Maple syrup season is officially over and that means that it's time to do some spring cleaning of the sugarbush.  A group of us headed out to the sugarbush last week to collect the buckets and taps from the trees since the sap had stopped flowing.  It was foggy and swampy but our intrepid crew collected the buckets and other equipment from our over 100 tapped trees.  After collecting the buckets, they had to be brought back to campus to be washed so they are clean and ready to go for next year's maple syrup season.

We also had to collect the large barrels that we had used to store all of the sap and clean those as well.  It was definitely an adventure to get all of the barrels out of the sugarbush, into a car, and then into the greenhouse where we could wash them.  It's important to wash all of the buckets and barrels as soon as possible so that bacteria or mold don't have the chance to grow and contaminate future maple syrup.  We are continuing to clean up the sugarbush and work on our other products for our open house on Sunday, April 23 from 9-3.