Carving Workshop!

This week, we at SHFP are learning how to carve so that we can bring you a whole new stock of handmade spoons, knives and other cutlery! On Monday, Jason Hamilton ran a carving refresher course for the Teaching Assistants so that all of the new student workers can be as safe and knowledgeable as possible regarding carving techniques. He outlined different cuts and grips all while discussing how carving should have a natural rhythm and flow.

Transitioning between cuts and grips should be a smooth process and by seeing a demonstration of the proper grips and positions, the TAs learned how to properly teach the new workers to be safe and professional while carving. This week, the students will learn the basic carving cuts first on soft pine wood and then progress from there.

Make sure to watch for our progress because we cannot wait to show you our new handmade cutlery!