Welcome back to South Hill Forest Products!

Hello everyone!  We are the new students behind South Hill Forest Products for the 2017 season and we could not be more excited to continue the great work of our predecessors.  We started this season off with a bang because the warm spell at the end of January made conditions right for the sap to start flowing.  

After some introductions and a demonstration on how to tap trees, we got right to work tapping the trees in our sugar bush to begin the maple syrup season.  We finished our tapping and were rewarded when the warm temperatures of the following day brought a huge sap flow to fill up almost five barrels of goodness!  Once we get more sap, stay tuned for a post about our first boil.

The 2017 South Hill Forest Products Team after tapping our maple trees!


We are so thrilled for this season of South Hill Forest Products and we will keep you updated with what we are working on right here so stay tuned!