The First Boil!

We've started the first maple syrup boil of the year! Our students have been working hard to collect sap every single day from the sugar bush; with upwards of 400 gallons now, we’re ready to reduce it down to some delicious maple syrup.

Starting at 8 am this past Sunday, students have been out at the sugarbush boiling down the syrup. In order to get it ready, the sap has to be boiled from 2-4% sugar to about 66-68% sugar concentration in order for it to be sold. The sap boil starts out as an intense process of continuously boiling the sap.

Beginning as an outdoor boil over a woodfire, students are out in the middle of the sugarbush 24/7, working hard to watch the boil and chop wood for the fire. TAs and experienced students will spend a lot of their time coaching the rest of the students through the first boil, making sure everything is going smoothly. Once we've finished the outdoor boil, we’ll bring the boiled down sap into the lab for the finishing touches: a final bit of boiling and filtering to get the syrup sale ready. Stay tuned to hear more about the process and soon enough we’ll be bottling up our wonderful maple syrup, perfect for anything from pancakes and waffles to popcorn and granola!