Syrup, Shrooms, and Spoons

We've been busy as bees here on South Hill over the past few weeks. As soon as our trees were tapped sap was flowing out like a river and before we knew it our first syrup boil of the season was upon us. The TAs showed the students the ropes of wood splitting, fire building, and sap boiling and 36 hours later we had our first 2.6 gallons of delicious Golden Delicate Maple Syrup. Fast forward just a few weeks and we are on hour 42 of our 3rd and biggest boil of the season thus far. It is incredible to see how much people can learn in such a short period of time when they are working out working in the field; the students are now running the show all by themselves!

Between sap collection, boils, and syrup bottling tending to our various other products have kept us more than busy. Soaps and salves are being made with our very own beeswax, our PoHu and Pink Oyster mushrooms are being harvested every single day, and a new line of products is being developed. What is the new line of products, you ask? Hand carved wooden utensils including spoons and knives carved by all of us over here at SHFP. Jason, the TAs, and the students alike are loving (maybe a little too much) learning how to whittle various things and care for carving knives. The lab is constantly covered in wood shavings no matter how often we sweep. Keep an eye out, these beautiful, hand-crafted utensils will be on the market soon. 

And don't forget, Saturday, April 18th is the date of the South Hill Forest Products Open House! There will be pancakes, live music, tours of the Sugar Bush, wood splitting demos, and lots of happy, maple-loving people enjoying the sunshine. You won't want to miss it! 
Stay on the look out for more information.

Peace, love, and syrup.